Treasures of Piedmont

Piedmont is looked upon as the World's next Burgundy, as family wineries fight the influx of foreign interests and investments/ Allocations get smaller, but quality has never been higher, making this a region to watch.

Tour des Deux Rives: Bordeaux

Morrell & Company is pleased to present the 2016 Tour des Deux Rives Bordeaux Tasting companion. 26 different wines from Bordeaux spanning the 2005 to 2013 vintages.

The Vintage We've Been Waiting For

2015 is, without a doubt, the German Riesling vintage that we've all been waiting for. What started out as a challenging year, turned into a long growing season with a perfect harvest. The results are stunning. We love them, and we're sure that you will too.

The Dauvissat Collection

The Dauvissat family has been bottling Chablis since 1931. Renowned as one of the great traditional producers of the region, often compared to the great Francois Raveneau, and with well-respected holdings in a number of both Grand and Premier Crus. Since taking on the responsibilities of the vineyar

The Apogee of Depth and Flavor: Hirtzberger

Just as German Riesling has become known for its tremendous value, Austria has garnered similar notoriety for its high level of quality. However, reaching this point has taken decades’ worth of work on the part the region’s top producers. Franz Hirtzberger is not only one such producer, he is also t

The 2011 Barolo Collection

While 2010 was a great vintage for long-lived wines that will last decades, it would be a serious mistake to pass up on the highly enjoyable 2011s. Is there really anything wrong with a young Barolo that can be enjoyed within the first few years of release? I say no. What’s more, is that Barolo has

Spanish Wine

Browse our collection of Spanish wine

Southern Rhone

Like many wine producing regions of the world, the Southern Rhone Valley is now responding in full to a demand for wines of elegance and finesse. Only three years ago, we saw a continuing surge of larger-than-life wines that tipped the ripeness scale and made many of us question just how well they w

Say it with bubbles

Champagne is not only the worlds favorite wine for celebration, it's also the perfect pairing for nearly any cuisine. Our hand-picked selection is sure to impress even the most discerning Champagne lover.


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Oregon & Washington

The word is officially out; Oregon is the New World Burgundy. We see it in the response from consumers, and Washington wines have found a new place in the United States market, with Bordeaux blends that rival the best from California, while remaining fairly priced.

Keep Rosé Flowing Through September

With each passing year, Rosés seem to be getting better and better. Maybe it’s a change in the way we think about Rosé. One thing is for sure, Rosé is not just for poolside sipping anymore. Today we’re open to Rosé food pairings at restaurants, or even placing them in the cellar for a year or two to


Celebrate the Holidays with a bottle of Champagne

California Chardonnay

Morrell & Company is pleased to present our collection of California Chardonnay

Bordeaux Masters

Morrell & Company is pleased to present our collection of Bordeaux

2012 Barolo Collection

The day will come when we will look back and ask ourselves why we didn't buy more Barolo before the prices went through the roof. It's a region that's poised to be the next big collectible driven region, and with that claim to fame assured, it's only so long before pricing reacts.


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