Why You Should Age Rosé...Well, This One for Sure...

Emily and I had dinner last Saturday at our friend's place and I'd been tasked with most of the cooking (the proteins) and, naturally, brought a few wines along as well - two of which were both 'last year' Rosés.  The first was the Le Clos Peyrassol, Commanderie's top-tier pinky.  That was so lovel

Walter Massa: The Mad Master of Barbera

Where to start with this one... Walter Massa has been producing wine the hills around Tortona (Colli Tortonesi) in Eastern Piedmont since  1978... ...and I've tasted his '78 Barbera Monleale twice now... ...and if you think Barbera doesn't age, well, then I urge you to pay attention to this one.

Two Absolute Stunners from the Jura

If you see the labels in the above picture, they're probably ringing a bell.  I've offered the red wines from Fabrice Dodane, proprietor of Domaine Saint Pierre, a few times already and, each time, they sold out within a day, and you all gave them some pretty rave reviews.  Today, I'm offering two

Three Great Wines I've Had Recently
(Two Old, One Young)

This is a really fun offer, and not the type that I get to do all that often.  A lot of times, new customers will walk in the door and be surprised to not see many older and/or higher-end wines sitting on my shelves.  The reason for that is quite simple.  Most of the time, when I receive older or

The Best $15 You Can Spend Right Now

I offered today's wine in a 'mixed case' newsletter a few months ago (as I've done a few times), but I've had it quite a few times recently, and have been so happy (and so have many of you), that I thought I needed to give it the undivided attention it absolutely deserves.   So, I talk a lot about

That Pinot was Great...but Where's it From Again?

I'll admit that this one might be more for you non-locals on the list, because most of you who walk in the door have probably already been turned on to the beauty of Pascal Henriot's Coteaux de Champlitte Rouge 2017 from the Franche-Comté department in France.  Whose what from where?    Yeah, you'

Sunday Evening Special (Club) from Marc Hebrart

I know, the dog days of August are perhaps an odd time to be promoting a higher-end Champagne, but, then again, it's really hot out here in NYC, and, this very special 'Special Club' bottling from the fantastic grower Marc Hebrart is as refreshing a glass of anything that I've had recently.  For th

Spanish Styles


Single Malt Scotch


Prog Rock Pinot

(Yes, I know it's 4:25pm on a Friday, but I just had to get this one in front of you.)   Every possible little nuance you can imagine from great Oregon Pinot Noir. That would be my answer if you asked me what today's wine tastes like.  I say that because it was my immediate reaction to tasting the


I've done it this year! I've managed to resist taking my Peyrassol allocations as long as I could so that we don't have the same issue we always have...which is that the wine arrived in April or May and then was gone by early June and the rest of the summer was spent disappointing people as to its

One of Life's Great Pairings

Obviously, there are many, many great combos in the food/wine world. Most of them are multifaceted - i.e. there are many wines that go great with a steak or many different foods that are great with a glass of White Burgundy, let's say.  But there are others, like say Barolo/Barbaresco with white t

Old...and French...and Cool (and also really Tasty)...

Being that it's 16 years old at this point, I think you can say today's wine is 'old'...or at least 'mature'. It's French, though from a part that's probably not top of mind when you think 'France'.  And in terms of overall feel, I think it's really 'cool'.  And it's definitely tasty.  'It' is t

New Releases from My Favorite (and IMO, the most important) Winemaker

Yes, that's right, I believe Luigi Tecce is the most important winemaker in Italy (and perhaps the world) right now.  Those of you who've been on the list for a few years aren't surprised, but if you have only been reading these for the last year or so, you might just now be lowering your eyebrows.

My Pound-for-Pound Favorite of Elian's Wines

Elian da Ros, the Superstar of the Southwest returns to the shelves today in the form of the wonderful Vignoble d'Elian, which is probably (pound for pound) my favorite red in his lineup.   Oddly enough, it's the one that we have in stock the least frequently.  The Vignoble, in terms of price at l

More Summer Delights from Southern Italy

It's (finally) a Summer day in NYC, so naturally, I have one thing on my mind... ...Southern Italian whites...   Yeah, yeah, I know, I just wrote a newsletter featuring Southern Italian whites, but the fact is remains that, in my opinion, of course, no category offers as much character, versatilit

La Sibilla Marsiliano 2010: A Cult Favorite Returns

Marsigliese. Olivella. Piedirosso. 'Who?  Who?  And who?  Well, I think I may have heard of that last one...' That's probably what you were just thinking, right?  But take a journey with me to The Phlegraean Fields (better known as Campi Flegrei), a dormant caldera West of Naples, one of the more

Icons & Classics

New World or Old, these are classic wines that carry the weight of winemaking history on their shoulders. In each case, these wines come from renowned producers that have helped define the wines from their regions.

Guillaume Gilles Cornas 2015

Allow me to transport you back in time for a a time called 2010.  In the early days of my shop's existence, there was a wine I had on my shelf that I was so excited about, but couldn't give away to anyone but the most adventurous casual fans.   It was a wine that, when I made the recomme

German Chablis

How's that for a splashy subject line?   I suppose it could also be what we'd now refer to as 'clickbait'. And, full disclosure, I'm conflicted in using it because 1) I think (and hope you feel the same) that the wines I select don't need gimmicks to be sold and 2) I've never been too big a fan of

Gahier's Crystalline 2016 Reds

In an article he wrote about the Jura for Punch a few years ago, Jon Bonné said the following - I’ve never quite understood why Gahier’s wines didn’t catch fire the way that Overnoy’s or Puffeney’s did. His reds are a perfect demonstration of that Jurassic ability to offer both depth and weightles

From Italy, With (Some) Age

The theme of today's offer is simple, I suppose.  All three wines are - - from Italy - have some age on them Instead of rambling on at length about each one in separate offers, I thought that rambling on about all of them in one offer was a great idea.  It's a you!  BISCI VE

Fourcas Dupré Delivers Again...this time from 2001...

Twice in the past few months, I offered up shipments of the lovely 2004 Fourcas Dupre as a stellar Bordeaux value from an underappreciated vintage.   Both times, it was a big hit.  Just the other day, though, I was offered a similar lot, at a similar price, of the fabulous (and by fabulous I mean

Forey's 2015s

I'm just going to start this out and say right off the bat that Regis Forey's wines have been favorites of mine for a long time.  Their cool, pure, highly floral style is, for me, one of the more pleasant experiences in the Cote de Nuits.   He's got great 1er Cru holdings in Nuits, Morey and Vosne

Everybody's Favorite Volcanic Wine

You know, The Volcano One...   Do you have that Rosé in the cool bottle? ...that one with the spout?   ...from the island? ...that delicious smoky/spicy one?   You know...the 'volcano' one...?    The 'One', of course, is the Los Bermejos Listan Negro Rosado from the island of Lanzarote in the C

Dolores Cabrera's Stunningly Good Listan Red and Rosado

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but well, before I finish that thought, I will qualify it with a very big 'if', first... 'IF' there were a lot more of these wines available, and not the tiny amount I received (which is almost certain to decrease with each subsequent year as these wines get d

Clos Saron: Beauty in Simplicity

'When I'm in California, nobody knows my name...but I come to NY city and I am a celebrity...people want to take my picture!' So said Gideon Bienstock, proprietor of Clos Saron, right after I asked him to pose for the above picture so that I could use it in this email.  It was a funny comment kind

Cerbaiona 2013: The One

Just a few weeks ago, I cracked the Brunello 2013 floodgates with what I referred to as 'the old standby' (Il Poggione). Today, I'm happy to smash the gates wide open with the one of the most legendary producers in the appellation.  Along with the region's other two immortals - Soldera and Biondi

BBQ Wine, Southern French Style

I know that I start a lot of my emails this way... 'I'll never forget the first time I tasted...' I know it sounds a little corny, but your senses (for me, it's taste and especially smell) can really cement memories into your mind - they can mark an experience like nothing else.  So, that's why I

Austria & Germany