You Say Rosé, I Say Rosato

Ok, so I actually say both and you may very well do the same but as pink wine extends its unrelenting run of summer wine dominance into a now second decade, I am increasingly feeling compelled to distinguish between the catch-all French designation 'rosé' and its lesser-used Italian and Spanish ver

Why You Should Age Rosé...Well, This One for Sure...

Emily and I had dinner last Saturday at our friend's place and I'd been tasked with most of the cooking (the proteins) and, naturally, brought a few wines along as well - two of which were both 'last year' Rosés.  The first was the Le Clos Peyrassol, Commanderie's top-tier pinky.  That was so lovel

White Burgundy Dreams in Summer: Domaine Corsin and Domain Rollin

Ah, summer in France. Warm sunshine, picturesque beaches, outdoor markets teeming with fresh produce, lazy afternoons on the café terrace, four weeks of vacation, salade Niçoise, roast Provençal chicken and of course, delicious wine. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? I personally will not be making it

Walter Massa: The Mad Master of Barbera

Where to start with this one... Walter Massa has been producing wine the hills around Tortona (Colli Tortonesi) in Eastern Piedmont since  1978... ...and I've tasted his '78 Barbera Monleale twice now... ...and if you think Barbera doesn't age, well, then I urge you to pay attention to this one.

Vintage Italian

Our current selection of Italian wines with some age on them.   ALL PRICES ARE PER BOTTLE Umbria Paolo Bea Montefalco Sagrantino Vigneto Pagliaro 2012 $91 Paolo Bea Umbria Bianco Arboreus 2012 $64 1 x Paolo Bea Montefalco Sagrantino Vigneto Pagliaro 2012 1.5L $240 Piedmont Cantalupo Ghemme Collis

Two Gorgeous Sets of Italian Island Wine

FIRST, A REMINDER THAT WE'RE TASTING BOTH OF THESE SETS OF WINES HERE AT MCF TOMORROW (Wed, 6/19) from 5-7pm.   Now for the good stuff...because this stuff is good... Even though it's not my usual format, I'm sending a 'dual' offer today, so apologies for the length.  It's a 'dual' offer in the f

Two Absolute Stunners from the Jura

If you see the labels in the above picture, they're probably ringing a bell.  I've offered the red wines from Fabrice Dodane, proprietor of Domaine Saint Pierre, a few times already and, each time, they sold out within a day, and you all gave them some pretty rave reviews.  Today, I'm offering two

Three Great Wines I've Had Recently
(Two Old, One Young)

This is a really fun offer, and not the type that I get to do all that often.  A lot of times, new customers will walk in the door and be surprised to not see many older and/or higher-end wines sitting on my shelves.  The reason for that is quite simple.  Most of the time, when I receive older or

The Spectrum of Chénas

On Friday, I attended a lunch with Paul-Henri Thillardon at Momofuku Ssam that was organized by Thillardon's importer, MFW.  Aside from the excitement of knowing that I'd be drinking delicious Beaujolais while stuffing myself with Momo duck, I was also really excited because this would be the first

The Legendarily Electric Wines of Hofgut Falkenstein

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Italy that also included a few visits in France and Germany at the tail end.  Over the next few weeks I hope to highlight each of the winemakers we visited.    Everyone we met with is doing absolutely extraordinary things right now and I intend to do my best

The Jewels of Spain (Four of Them)

FIRST OFF : We will be tasting these wines in-store tomorrow (WED) from 5-7pm. (If there are any left) There is just so much great, micro-production wine on the market right now., so many tiny operations working with such care producing wines of such singular beauty that it's a great time to be a w

The Great Big 2016 Barbaresco Blast: Part One, At Least...

I know I've been ranting about the off beat vintages lately, and about how avoiding the 'non-benchmark' vintages means that you're missing out on a whole lot of unique character - especially in a place like Piedmont, specifically with Nebbiolo, a grape that is endowed with so much longevity, that ev

The Big Three, Part Two: Peyrassol

MCF Rare Wine It's trying to become Spring here in NY.  One of these days we'll get there, and perhaps buying a bunch of yummy pink wine from one of the most iconic Provençal estates that we sell will 'will' it into existence.  Whether or not that works is of little consequence I suppose, because

The Best $15 You Can Spend Right Now

I offered today's wine in a 'mixed case' newsletter a few months ago (as I've done a few times), but I've had it quite a few times recently, and have been so happy (and so have many of you), that I thought I needed to give it the undivided attention it absolutely deserves.   So, I talk a lot about

That Pinot was Great...but Where's it From Again?

I'll admit that this one might be more for you non-locals on the list, because most of you who walk in the door have probably already been turned on to the beauty of Pascal Henriot's Coteaux de Champlitte Rouge 2017 from the Franche-Comté department in France.  Whose what from where?    Yeah, you'

Sunday Evening Special (Club) from Marc Hebrart

I know, the dog days of August are perhaps an odd time to be promoting a higher-end Champagne, but, then again, it's really hot out here in NYC, and, this very special 'Special Club' bottling from the fantastic grower Marc Hebrart is as refreshing a glass of anything that I've had recently.  For th

Summer Rosés

I'll be short with this one (or something like that). There are three Provençal rosés (The Big Three) that are far and away the most anticipated of every passing year - Chateau Peyrassol, Chateau Pradeaux and today's (which tends to go the fastest), Domaine du Bagnol's Cassis Rosé.  The first drop

Something Mineral: Raventos' Mas del Serral and Three Fantastic 2008 C

Back in October, when Pepe Raventos was in house to debut the 2009 Mas del Serral, he'd been of the mindset that it still needed a bit more time in bottle to come into its own.  He'd planned on waiting until Jan or Feb to release it.   However, all of you who attended expressed such enthusiasm for

Six Summer Selections

So, if you're like me, you can't believe it's June 27th...just a week away from the 4th. And if you're like me, all you're probably thinking about is a) what you're going to cook over the weekend and b) what you're going to have on hand to drink with whatever that is.   So I thought of these, and

Single Malt Scotch


Simply Etna: Girolamo Russo's Etna Rossi

I went to dinner at Roberta's the other week with my friend Ray - he knows everyone there, so we get a table right away and get to BYO...yeah, it's pretty sweet.  I'd grabbed my last bottle of 1999 Lisini Brunello from that wonderful parcel of old Lisini I offered last year and he brought a '99 Sag

Sidonio de Sousa's Super-Special Vinho d'Autor 2005

A lot of times I taste a wine, get really excited about it, and then sit down to write one of these up and find that I don't even know where to begin. This is definitely one of those times.   Sometimes a wine has so much going on, flying in so many directions at once, that, yeah, it's hard to know

Rustic Perfection from a Susumaniello

I talk all the time about wines that are inexpensive and will age. Many (most?) of these wines I highlight come from Southern Italy, as I maintain that, despite Italy being front and center in terms of the wine world, the Southern regions are still the most hilariously under-appreciated treasure tr

Rouges Queues's Stunningly Perfumed Coteaux Bourguignons and Maranges

So, last night we had an in-store tasting with three stunningly good wines. (The third one was the Fracassi Barolo Mantoetto 2013, which has gotten so good since I first offered it last year that I'll be hounding you all again about it very soon.) The other two wines were Rouges Queues's (pronounc

Ronchi di Cialla's Rosato is the Soul of Classic Friuli

The region of Friuli was the place that put Italian whites on the international stage, with the polished, sexy 'super' whites of the '80s and '90s. It was also the place that put Orange wine on the map in the later on in the 90s and early aughts.   But then there's the other Friuli...the 'classic'

Podere Le Boncie: Chianti's Other Great IGT

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a fabulous Chianti value from Sorelle Palazzi - a soft, beautiful value-driven example of this widely-known but (IMO) still very underappreciated wine.   Today, I'd like to write about a producer that, for me, belongs in the conversation with the legendary traditional


I've done it this year! I've managed to resist taking my Peyrassol allocations as long as I could so that we don't have the same issue we always have...which is that the wine arrived in April or May and then was gone by early June and the rest of the summer was spent disappointing people as to its

One of My All-Time Favorites is Back

First off, I hope everyone had (and continues to have) a wonderful Holiday Season.  About 10 years ago, I was working a wine event and, among the dozen or so Italian wines that were being served, was the Barbera d'Alba Regiaveja of Gianfranco Bovio.  I'd had the wine many times in more recent vinta

One of Life's Great Pairings

Obviously, there are many, many great combos in the food/wine world. Most of them are multifaceted - i.e. there are many wines that go great with a steak or many different foods that are great with a glass of White Burgundy, let's say.  But there are others, like say Barolo/Barbaresco with white t