Tiziano Mazzoni Ghemme Nebbiolo 2010


Ghemme is one of the appellations that has sparked our obsession with Alto Piemonte, particularly because of the inspiring wines of Tiziano Mazzoni. Matt and Kerrie first tasted these wines with Gianluca Bertinotti, the owner of a well-regarded agriturismo calledandnbsp;La Cappucina, just north of Ghemme and Gattinara. After a lengthy discussion of their shared passion for the wines of Beppe Rinaldi and Bartolo Mascarello, they asked Gianluca who he thought would be the next torchbearer for this sort of quality in traditional Nebbiolo. Rather than naming a rising star in Barolo proper, he did not hesitate before citing Tiziano Mazzoni. The more we taste Mazzoni's wines ourselves, the more we see in them the same stirring soul and depth we find in Bartolo andamp; Beppe's wines.

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