Everything happens for a Riesling.

August 17th, 2017

Riesling has been embraced of late by trendsetting wine professionals, but its high regard is nothing new. In the late 19th century the reputation of Rieslings from the Mosel and Rhine rivaled that of Bordeaux and Champagne. Yet, "I don't drink sweet wine," is often a reaction to any mention of the grape. Not all Riesling is sweet. You say you like crisp, dry white wine with notes of minerals and citrus? You're describing Riesling. Even some off-dry Rieslings have so much acidity to balance out the sugar, all you notice is how GOOD they are, not that they're sweet. Plus, it's not a sign of poor taste or novice palate to enjoy sweet wine! I mean, who doesn't love lemonade?


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