Return & Refund Policy

Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee, unless there is an error on our side.

Undrinkable and "Corked Wines" – No Refunds:
Because we do not produce or bottle any of the wines we sell, and since the character of wine changes with age, we cannot guarantee the personal "drinkability" of every bottle we sell. It is the industry standard for shops like ours, and it is our policy, that wines older than 10 years are purchased "as is" and at the buyer's risk as to the drinkability of the wine.

This policy includes "corked" wines (those tainted with TCA and smell of wet cardboard). This wine fault occurred during the maturing/bottling of the wine at the winery and is completely out of our control. Unfortunately, only the winery can solve a problem with "corked" wines.

Please note: While we do everything in our power to ensure your wine is of the finest stock available in the world, WINE PURCHASED THAT IS OLDER THAN 10 YEARS IS NOT GUARANTEED IN ANY WAY.