Cara and James's Wine Memories Registry

May 29th, 2017

Our first trip abroad together was to Barolo, with Cara tagging along on one of James's work trips. Each birthday we celebrate with Champagne and sushi. Date nights will include a delicious Bordeaux. With close friends in New York we enjoy lapping up Napa Cabs, a sure recipe for fun.

Some practical information:
1. You may be asked to add your zip code. Write: 10011
2. When you place an order, please choose the "pick up in store" shipping option.
3. PLEASE write a note "To Cara and James...." in the notes section so we know who to thank (and, importantly, so the store can know these are for us).

Thank you! We are excited to form new (wine) memories with your generous gifts over the decades ahead.

-- Cara and James