Terms of Service

Purchasing and Shipping Wine (Conditions of Sale)
Your acceptance of these Conditions of Sale will be acknowledged by the creation of an online account at www.larchwine.com/, Larchmont Wine & Liquor, for all orders placed on our website, each time you place an order. By accepting these Retail Conditions of Sale, you are accepting them for the duration of your buying relationship with Larchmont Wine & Liquor, which will allow you to make other retail purchases over the phone or through email should you choose to. We will notify you of changes to our Retail Conditions of Sale as they may occur in the future. We appreciate your business and thank you for taking time to read and understand this document.

By placing an order for wine, the Buyer warrant that they are at least 21 years of age, and that they will be responsible for the shipment of this wine being received by a person at least 21 years of age. Please note, there is typically a 48 hour turnaround on pulling and processing new orders for shipping release.

Any wine sold to you by Larchmont Wine & Liquor is sold in New York, and title passes to you, the buyer, in New York at the time of sale. Many states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that regulate inbound shipments of wine and other alcoholic beverages purchased in another state. Such shipments may be a crime unless a permit or license is obtained. Many laws and statutes make an exception for wine purchased for personal consumption.

Since these laws may affect your purchase of wines from Larchmont Wine & Liquor, we urge you to investigate the laws in your state regarding this subject before shipping or arranging to ship any wine purchased from us. Buyers (not Larchmont Wine & Liquor) are the owners and shippers of all wine purchased in New York from Larchmont Wine & Liquor. As your agent, we will be pleased to choose a licensed common carrier on your behalf, with various levels of service typically available. If buyers wish to arrange delivery of their wines after purchase, they are responsible and bear all risk, including selecting a carrier and providing delivery instructions.
Purchaser will be assessed a 10% return/restocking fee should the shipment be returned to Larchmont Wine & Liquor due to but not limited to the following: no person at least 21 years of age at the address; the address provided is not valid; the shipment is refused by the recipient.

By requesting that your wine be shipped to you, you are authorizing us to engage a common carrier to deliver your wine on your behalf. Larchmont Wine & Liquor is not responsible for any breakage or damage of wine by said common carrier. WE MAKE NO REPRESENTATION TO THE LEGAL RIGHTS OF ANYONE TO SHIP OR IMPORT WINES INTO ANY STATES OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK. You, the buyer, are solely responsible for shipment of alcoholic beverage products and assume all obligations for compliance with your State's laws.

If Larchmont Wine & Liquor, for any reason, is unable to fulfill its obligations to the Buyer, Larchmont Wine & Liquor’s sole obligation and the Buyer's sole recourse shall be a refund of the purchase price.

Larchmont Wine & Liquor makes no warranty, expressed or implied, about the wine being sold except that Larchmont Wine & Liquor is conveying clear title to the wine and, to Larchmont Wine & Liquor’s knowledge, the wine is what its label describes it to be. Specifically, because wine by its nature is subject to change in the bottle over time, Larchmont Wine & Liquor makes no warranty or guaranty of the quality or drinkability of any wine sold.


This contract is entered into in New York and shall be enforceable there under the laws of that State.

All sales are made in New York. Payment in full is due upon confirmation of orders. All shipping costs, including insurance, are to be paid by the Buyer. New York sales tax is payable on all taxable goods delivered in New York. Wines may be sold and delivered only to persons who are 21 years old.

Larchmont Wine & Liquor prices are good while supplies last. Discount and/or promotions cannot be applied to previous purchases, futures or gift orders. Larchmont Wine & Liquor reserves the right to correct errors on pricing and to limit quantities ordered. Prices subject to change without notice. Larchmont Wine & Liquor is not responsible for typographical errors.

Shipping Policies
We offer a variety of shipping options, including UPS, Fed-Ex, Saturday delivery, messenger service, and local delivery via temperature-controlled truck. Please ensure that someone over the age of 21 will be available to sign for your delivery.

Please note that most carriers, including UPS and FedEx do not deliver on weekends. Please keep this in mind when ordering, especially when ordering via Overnight or 2 Day Air Service.

We cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes.

All qualifying orders receive Complimentary Delivery in New York and Connecticut.

Manhattan up to 100th Street
We offer free shipping on orders over $150 (pre-tax). Orders of 6 bottles or more will be delivered via Larchmont’s temperature-controlled truck, Monday through Saturday. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

Same-day truck or messenger service is also available. Please call 914.833.9666 to arrange. Additional charges may apply

New York State and Connecticut
We offer free Ground Shipping on orders over $150 (pre-tax) to New York State and Connecticut*. Shipping time is 1 to 2 days, once the package is processed. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

Express delivery is also available, at an additional charge. Please call 914.833.9666 to arrange.

*Connecticut deliveries require the 1.5% insurance charge, see Shipping Insurance section below for details.

Outside of New York State and Connecticut
We ship UPS Ground, UPS 2-Day, UPS Next-Day, Fed-Ex Ground and upon request via refrigerated truck. Shipping costs for standard third party carriers will be calculated at checkout. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing. To confirm the fastest possible delivery or to arrange refrigerated truck, please call us at 914.833.9666.

As noted in the Conditions of Sale, state regulations outside of New York regarding the transportation of alcohol are the responsibility of the buyer. Hence, you are reminded that various states impose limitations on the quantity of alcoholic beverages which may be purchased and brought into their jurisdiction without requiring the purchaser, the seller or the shipper to possess certain licenses or permits. Larchmont Wine & Liquor, does NOT, as a condition of sale, assume any obligation nor bear any responsibility whatsoever for applying for or obtaining any such permits or licenses. Therefore, you are strongly advised to investigate such limitations and to determine the manner in which alcoholic beverages may lawfully be brought into states other than New York. You, the buyer, are responsible for all applicable excise, use and sales taxes due to your state related to the purchase of any taxable goods.

Larchmont Wine & Liquor makes no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import wines into any state outside of New York. The Buyer is solely responsible for the shipment of wines and is responsible for any loss or damage to goods once they have left our premises. By placing an order, you authorize Larchmont Wine & Liquor to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you.

Www.larchwine.com/ permits all orders to be submitted via checkout. Upon review of your order our customer service team may contact you to discuss possible applicable delivery options.

Weather Alerts - Extreme Weather
During extreme hot or cold weather, we may restrict deliveries to ensure safety. We may recommend Next Day or 2-day shipping service or holding the order for a later ship date. We will contact you to make arrangements.

If you opt to have your product shipped during extreme weather, Larchmont and Company will not be held responsible. Local Manhattan deliveries via Larchmont temperature-controlled truck are not affected.

If you opt to have your product held for a later ship date, please see our policies below on holding your order.

Orders Held for Later Ship Date
At the company’s discretion, Larchmont Wine & Liquor may hold orders for a later ship date. All in-stock orders are processed immediately with the understanding that the order is to be delivered unless arrangements are made in advance to schedule a later ship date. In addition, Larchmont Wine & Liquor may choose to delay a shipment due to weather conditions that may adversely affect the wine.

In the case where an order is held for a later ship date, Larchmont Wine & Liquor will hold the order in our warehouse for a maximum of 5 months. After one order from the buyer exceeds 5 months, all orders held in our warehouse for the buyer are automatically transferred to Vintage Wine Warehouse, a professional wine storage company, where storage fees and applicable taxes may apply.

Arrival of Pre-Arrival/Futures Orders
Orders that were placed for pre-arrival wines/futures will automatically be set aside in our warehouse upon delivery. A notification will be sent to the email address on file regarding wine arrival and to coordinate delivery. At this time, the order will be considered an order held for a later ship date and the above terms apply.

Abandoned Orders
Orders that have been held for a later ship date and exceed the complementary 5 month hold will automatically be transferred to Vintage Wine Warehouse, as noted above.

Larchmont Wine & Liquor will continue to attempt to arrange delivery of your order(s) and you will be periodically notified when appropriate shipping weather is available. Storage fees will be incurred if you do not respond to our notifications and request to arrange delivery of your wine. After holding your wine for delivery for 12 months, and after at the very least one phone call to the number you provided us with, you will be given a final email notice and notice sent via certified mail. You will have 15 days from the date of receipt of the certified notice to arrange with Larchmont Wine & Liquor a delivery date. If you fail to do so, we will return all of your wine to our inventory and cease all attempts to arrange delivery.

Shipping Insurance
A mandatory Shipping Insurance charge of 1.5% of the retail value of the items will be applied for all shipments arranged by and billed to Larchmont Wine & Liquor for delivery outside of New York State (including CT) and will be added to the shipping charge. This insurance solely covers breakage or loss from time of purchase to time of delivery.

Neither Larchmont Wine & Liquor; nor its agents assume responsibility for any deterioration resulting from shipment, which includes, but is not limited to: scuffed labels, cracked wax capsules or minor seepage.

The insurance provided by Larchmont Wine & Liquor only covers shipments billed to Larchmont Wine & Liquor. Wines being shipped on Purchaser’s or agents of Purchaser’s accounts will only be covered by Larchmont Wine & Liquor’s insurance policy until they leave the Larchmont Wine & Liquor warehouse/store, not while in transit. Due to the fragile nature of vintage wine, Larchmont Wine & Liquor strongly recommends that Purchasers arrange for collection from Larchmont Wine & Liquor. All shipments arranged by Larchmont Wine & Liquor are made on the buyer’s behalf.

Wines must be inspected by the Purchaser upon receipt and any loss or breakage must be noted on the Shipper’s documents at the time of delivery. If Larchmont Wine & Liquor is not notified of any breakage or loss claims within 24 hours of delivery, the claim will not be honored. If the buyer or an agent of the buyer will not be able to receive and inspect the shipment upon delivery, the shipment should be scheduled for another date. If the loss or breakage is not noted on the Shipper’s documents and if Larchmont Wine & Liquor is not notified of a claim of loss or breakage within 24 hours of delivery, the claim will not be honored.

Should this insurance coverage not be desired, a written waiver of insurance and any subsequent claims must be received prior to the shipment of the wines. Without insurance, loss or damage due to any cause will be at the Purchaser’s risk.

Shipping of Non-Wine Items
We offer free shipping on all orders over $150 of non-wine merchandise, including accessories, glassware, books, etc… It is shipped free via ground service anywhere in the continental United States. Mandatory shipping insurance of 1.5% is applied to all glassware orders.

International Shipping
If you wish to place an order for delivery outside the United States, we will do our best to arrange it. The minimum charge is $200; the actual charge will depend on its destination, weight and value. The customer is responsible for knowing the laws pertaining to alcohol shipments of the country to which the wine is being sent. Any duty and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer, though we may be able to expedite this. Shipments are usually made via air and are sent to the nearest airport or to your door, depending on destination. Please call us for international orders at 914.833.9666.

Order Processing
Our web site is monitored Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. It takes approximately up to 48 hours to process your order, and then it is usually shipped out within 1 to 2 business days after processing. If you have a need for delivery by a certain date or need rush service, please be sure to contact us at 914.833.9666. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Please note that our carriers may not guarantee a specific delivery date to residences if shipped via ground service. Delivery schedules do not apply in the event of service interruptions caused by events beyond the control of Larchmont Wine & Liquor, including the failure of services provided by our carriers. Shipping to a business address can usually get your wine to you sooner. If you are within our local delivery area, we may be able to get your wine delivered to you the next day either by our truck or via messenger service, please contact us to arrange. This is not guaranteed. To confirm the fastest possible delivery, please call us at 914.833.9666.

We make no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import any wines into any state outside of NY State. The buyer is solely responsible for shipment of wines. By placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you. Alcoholic beverages may be sold and delivered only to persons who are at least 21 years old. In placing your order, you represent to us that you are at least 21 years.


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