J. Brix

Escondido, CA

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Meet the j.brix crew. We're Emily & Jody Brix Towe, and we want to make wine that tells a nonfiction story.

From the site to the soil to the growing season, our wines, if we're doing our work correctly, will speak in their own voices. We adore the variety California has to offer, which means we find ourselves compelled to make tiny quantities of as many different wines as we can... and, we try to add a new grape or style each harvest. So far, our fruit comes from six vastly different, soul-stirring vineyards. We use neutral vessels, native-yeast fermentation, and absolutely nothing else, with the exception of sulfur dioxide as necessary. In keeping with this minimalist approach, we choose not to fine, filter or cold-stabilize our wines. Our motto, in winemaking and life: Only Love.

We welcome winery visits by appointment only. Please contact us via email or phone to schedule a private cellar tasting (our wines are not poured in the on-site tasting room).